Frontier Accord

Pursing the interests of the Alliance and aiming to contribute toward the further expansion of democratic, collaborative efforts that put Federation corruption and Empire cronyism in their place.

We are a diverse group of space enthusiasts that are united in their desire to deliver team and goal oriented experiences. We are currently starting off our Elite: Dangerous campaign with an eye toward Star Citizen with some Homeworld and a little Kerbal Space Program thrown in for good measure.



Our membership provides bounty hunting, trading, mission and research tasks. Combining ourselves to serve a greater goal is the primary advantage of joining such a group. Whether you want to teach or learn, support or destroy, it all becomes possible when members collaborate.

Our membership spans multiple continents and, when combined, represents over eighty years of coinciding. We are all working professionals and schedule our encounters to fit in to our gaming lives.


Brotherhood, democratic process, compassion and the desire to make a positive change is our way of enacting a reality that allows us to make the galaxy a better place. Working with others is of paramount benefit and importance and every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

The years have refined how we do the whole online-gaming thing to deliver both unparalleled longevity and positive experiences. It's pretty simple: 1. Smack-talk and trolling is for kids; we're not kids. 2. Conflict resolution over conflict avoidance; if there's a problem, let's solve it now. 3. Own the experience; this is our home and we're going to treat it as such!


Whether it's capturing and sharing trading data, testing out ship builds against one another in a safe environment or enforcing system lock-downs, you can expect to have your interests expanded and our combined efforts make a discernable mark on the galaxy.

Between us we have a nearly unfathomable combined experience that not only covers how we conduct ourselves but also spans multiple games and campaigns across casual, competitive and professional arenas. The greatest lesson has been that the more we live the less we know, we're always keen to meet more people that are interested in spending their time in a way that's both enjoyable and effective. Why not contact us to find out more?


We determine two weekly target/tasks which are made up of one real-time event where we gather up as many as we can at once and an on-going directive which smaller groups or even individuals can pursue on their own time.

Working with each other and groups in Alliance space to attempt to determine how to flip systems and contribute to the overall expansion of the faction in a meaningfu way is our current operating reality.

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Come join us on a sortie, mission or campaign! We've been doing this for years; drama-free, none of the typical hangups all done in in a warm setting.